Craft a loyal customer community

Increase your customer retention by 100% with a simple, beautiful, text-message-based loyalty platform

Give Customers a Beautiful and Simple Loyalty Experience

Stitch gives you an effective, customizable loyalty platform coupled with powerful marketing and customer feedback tools that attract, retain, and reactivate more customers in your taproom.

Your customers will develop a close-knit connection to your taproom and brand. And participating is easy—everything is done via text message, so customers don't have to download an app.

Automate meaningful interactions that bring customers back

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Put customer reactivation on autopilot. By creating automated campaigns for customers who haven't been in for a while, you'll keep your customer community engaged and coming back.

Get Customer Feedback with Ease

Quickly and smoothly collect and analyze customer feedback and suggestions. Response rates approach 100%.

You'll collect feedback and insights that will supercharge all your marketing efforts.

Gain Insights that Move the Needle

Track the success of your loyalty efforts and get the insight you need to reactivate and retain more customers.

A Superior Loyalty Platform at a Low Cost

We know small business budgets can be tight. Stitch Loyalty combines the right tech to grow your customer community, while maximizing the money back in your pocket.

What You Can Do With Stitch: